Review: Call My Agent!

Review: Call My Agent!
Call My Agent!

Call My Agent! has been a spectacular hit in France and is currently taking UK Netflix by storm. Described by the actors themselves as a romance to Paris, Telephone Call My Agent! complies with the tumultuous lives of Parisian talent agents working at A.S.K, and their occasionally bumpy yet always entertaining relationship with the actors they represent.

We are first presented to the main personalities, Andrea, Mathias, and also Gabriel, complying with the fatality of A.S.K proprietor Samuel Kerr when they are having a hard time to keep business active, whilst at the same time battling to become the new head of the agency. The recently launched fourth season focuses on the dynamic in between A.S.K and also rival Paris firm Celebrity Media, as they complete for clients, agents, and traditions. Throughout the program the inner national politics at work between the younger and also older representatives makes for funny yet tense watching that just contributes to its appeal.

From the first episode right through to the end of the fourth and final period, Call My Agent!, more typically known as ‘Dix Pour Cent’ in France, continued to be fast paced with interesting storylines full of interest. The mix of the cameos made by real-life French actors together with the tongue in cheek comedy in each episode added a freshness that you will not discover with any other program currently on Netflix. I won’t exist, as a newbie to French cinema it took me until the start of the 2nd season prior to I knew that the stars were French movie stars, yet eventually this led me to uncover some astonishingly skilled stars such as Isabelle Huppert and Charlotte Gainsbourg who I would certainly have or else never ever come across.

Other than the eccentric plot, the standout of the show’s production is the superb spreading for the wonderfully flawed personalities. The depth of character is outstanding in a manner that feels individual as well as linked to our own lives. The emotion from family members dramatization, pregnancies, as well as the uncertainty of A.S.K’s future, was acted so perfectly that the personalities really felt totally relatable in spite of their glamourous lives.

One obvious drawback that I understand might keep individuals from beginning the program is the language obstacle. That being said, I was so submersed in the thick yet prone stories that I hardly realised the subtitles were there, and I would certainly even go as far as to claim it enhanced my French! I really believe you can obtain whole brand-new cultural experiences from viewing foreign language TV programs as well as movies.

As the season drew to a close, I discovered myself postponing watching the final episode as I couldn’t bear to say goodbye to the personalities I had actually concerned love so much. The glamourous clothing, the journeys to Cannes, and also the countless rooftop celebrations were part of a dream I didn’t want to let go of. Nonetheless, there was something stunningly ironic to the method the show finished, with A.S.K being just as disorderly as in the very first episode, as well as yet the target market is still able to make peace with the separation of the personalities. The ending, whilst tear-jerking as well as psychological, stayed real to its brilliant and charismatic narrative, gaining its location as a masterpiece of French television.

5 years after its first launch, I am so pleased that Call My Agent! is finally getting the global recognition it is worthy of. Refined humour paired with knowledge as well as mankind.

An outright gem of a show.

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