Reebok Floatride Energy Grow review

While its green credentials are welcome, this running footwear’s real selling point is its flexibility. It’s a thoroughly made neutral footwear with a large dosage of retro cool, and something you’ll grab day after day.

The FloatRide Energy Grow utilizes at least 50% plant-based materials, yet you will not know that at all when you’re running. This is a surprisingly light-weight neutral road shoe that prosper in both damp and also completely dry conditions. It’s even more versatile than many others, however– laterally and specifically medially– which some runners might locate offers inadequate support.

Reebok Floatride Energy Grow
(Image credit: Reebok)

We were thrilled by its adaptability though, as well as if you like a softer neutral footwear. Its old school looks are additionally a welcome break from the neon-hued standard, making it practical for everyday duties in addition to your routine training runs.

We do, nonetheless, have a couple of concerns regarding the sturdiness of its building, having noticed some fraying on the internal side of the tongue during our testing. One of the most environmentally friendly running shoe is the one you use for as long as possible, so this is something to be knowledgeable about when selecting your next pair.


The important point that sets the Reebok Floatride Energy Grow apart is the option of materials. While brand names like Allbirds have actually made sustainability their entire identification from the start, we’re starting to see the larger names participating by reducing their use virgin plastics also.

The Salomon Index.01, as an example, is developed from just 2 materials: polyurethane foam as well as recycled polyester. When you have actually run it right into the ground, you can return it to Salomon for reusing (the expense of which is consisted of in the initial rate).

Reebok Floatride Energy Grow (2)
(Image credit: Reebok)

Asics has actually additionally been getting in on the act, with a limited edition line of running footwear made using plastics from waste clothes collected in Japan, and also dyed utilizing a technique that utilizes a fraction of the water of conventional methods.

The Floatride Energy Grow takes a various method, with a top used eucalyptus bark, as well as foam used castor beans (much like the On Cyclon launched previously in 2021, which is just offered by subscription).

The Floatride Power Grow doesn’t scream about its lasting qualifications, though; rather, it has an old-school layout in tones of off-white, blue and also gray, with a gum outsole. This, integrated with its underrated shape (no significant eyelets or home-spun aspects below) implies it functions similarly well for running and daily wear. It’s the only footwear we have actually been complimented on by a non-runner.

We were expecting a shoe made from non-traditional products to be heavier than standard (as is the case with the Allbirds Tree Dasher), yet in spite of being 50% veg-based, the Reebok Floatride Energy Grow shocked us. The men’s shoe weighs simply 229g, which although not as light as a racing footwear, goes over for a day-to-day training option.

It’s also among the most affordable ‘environment-friendly’ running shoes around, costing a relatively small $120/ ₤ 90/ AU$ 180.


We discovered that the Reebok Floatride Power Grow executes very well in mostly all scenarios. As a neutral shoe without tight plate underfoot and also a modest yet not excessive degree of padding, it feels comfy for long, slow-moving runs, in addition to day-to-day strolling, never ever really feeling unpredictable at reduced rates. The castor bean foam gives lots of shock absorption, however never feels bouncy.

The sole is relatively flexible, with a suitable amount of flex especially towards the toe, and its segmented design suggests turning activities are feasible as well. That’ll match runners with a neutral design simply great, however if you’re in need of stability, this will not be your primary choice,.

This is purely a roadway footwear (not least due to that beige top), yet the periodontal outsole still has a practical quantity of grasp, and we really felt sure-footed sufficient in damp conditions offered we adhered to tough surfaces.

The eucalyptus woven upper has 2 distinct layers. It’s reasonably thick contrasted to several modern 3D-printed mesh shoes, yet remarkably breathable, as well as seemingly contributes extremely little to the footwear’s weight,.

The tongue is a little unusual, with marginal padding as well as a style that’s connected to the inside of the shoe with a woven gusset. This never ever verified uncomfortable, yet you may in some cases catch your toes on it when sliding the shoe on if you’re not cautious. We have actually also noticed some fraying occurring where the tongue fulfills the gusset, which may end up being an issue better down the line. This appears to be as a result of the edge of the tongue not being serged on the inside, leaving a raw side (potentially to save weight).

It’s also worth noting that the shoe might show up a little big; our review set were a UK size 8 rather than our common 9, however fitted pleasantly– a lucky break for us, however something to bear in mind when buying.

Generally, however, if you have a neutral stride and also aren’t as well difficult on your footwear, the Reebok Floatride Energy Grow is certainly worth your consideration; comfy, versatile, and also attractive for all the right reasons.

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