DJI Air 2S Review of Features and Specs

DJI is possibly recognised as one of the leading drone producers worldwide, after simply having actually launched the magnificent FPV, they now feature yet one more specialised premium quality drone for you to take pleasure in, the DJI AIR TWO.

In this evaluation we will have a closer check out this beginner in the fleet.

DJI Air 2S
DJI Air 2S (Credit: dji STORE)

DJI AIR TWO introduction:

The AIR TWO has the conventional looks of the Mavic series, nevertheless at 595g it lies on the ligher side of the DJI drones. In the beginning glimpse this would be a much more conventional light drone for digital photographers and also videographers, but you would be mistaken to consider the AIR TWO as a typical drone, as it includes some amazing functions not located on various other drones. Allow’s have a look at this new fleetmate a bit a lot more carefully!

Experienced DJI pilots will definitely recognize the flight controls and also usual features of the Mavic collection, wether you are flying a Mavic Air, Mavic Pro or more recent Mavic 2 series, they all are foldable mobile drones, ideal for off the gris use in tough surface as a result of their simple portable design, these drones were designed to be very easy to carry in your backpack when going to remote locations, so you can obtain the very best video as well as images without having to bring a hefty big drone. The AIR TWO is no various, light-weight layout as well as foldable legs make this yet another drone to be used in one of the most severe locations with ease.

An overview of the features:

Content of the package (based upon the fly extra combination for 1299 euro on

  • 1 DJI AIR 2S drone.
  • 1 DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller.
  • 3 smart flight batteries.
  • 1 battery charger.
  • 1 Air Conditioning power cable.
  • 6 pairs of low-noise propellers.
  • 1 gimbal protector.
  • 1 Type-C cable television.
  • 3 types of RC cord for all typical smart device connections.
  • 1 set of spare RC-N1 control sticks.
  • 1 ND filter set for the cam.
  • 1 battery charging center.
  • 1 battery to power bank adaptor.
  • 1 shoulder bag.

Flight time:
The weakness of every drone is certainly power supply, the motors of a drone requirement to rotate the props at broadband and also they need a trustworthy power supply to do this. Batteries are the only alternative in light equipments like drones and also smart devices as well as DJI has actually managed to locate a good equilibrium in between performance and time for all of their drones. The AIR 2S is no exception, with a perfect problems trip time of 31 mins it is comparable to the Mavic 2 Pro as well as most others in the collection.

Wind resistance:
Wind … the number one enemy of every drone … and every type of airplane incidentally! The majority of customer drones are quite light-weight and that can make them very susceptible to wind. With an optimum wind resistance of 10.5 m/s (37.8 km/h) the AIR TWO resists a little bit much more wind than many others in the Mavic collection, although wind will always remain an issue for drones in this sector of the market and these drone can normally not run in high wind conditions … although some seasoned pilots go beyond the limits and also manage to shoot amazing footage at the risk of loosing the drone.

Video transmission array:
At approximately 12km transmission variety at 1080p is somewhat far better than the 10km of the Mavic 2 Pro, although regional regulations will not constantly enable you to fly the drone at those ranges, European regulation only allows you to fly within visual line of vision.

Video camera:
Currently here is the difference that sets the AIR 2S besides the majority of other drones, the 20 MP sensing unit enables 20 MP digital photography both in JPEG and RAW style as well as a fantastic 5.4 K video clip recording at 30fps and approximately 120fps at reduced high quality makes this cam standing apart of the crowd, integrated with 4x to 8x digital zoom, this camera will offer you a vast array of opportunities to develop remarkable video clip footage.

Flight settings:
The AIR 2S is a drone particularly created for photo and also video, for that reason it is equipped with 3 distinct flight modes, N-mode, S-mode as well as C mode. These can be made use of with the standard remote controller, however the AIR TWO is additionally compatible with the more recent DJI Smart Controller for a far better experience.

All 3 flight settings have a maximum speed connected to its performance, remember this drone was not developed for really broadband (for a high speed drone, please see the DJI FPV) however even though it wasn’t, in S-mode it can fly the fastest at 19m/s (68.4 km/h), in N-mode it will fly as much as 15m/s (54 km/h) and in C-mode at the reduced 5m/s (18 km/h).

Climb & descent speed:
In all flight modes the climb rate as well as descent speed is restricted to 6m/s (21.6 km/h), this is also comparable to other drones in the segment however considerably less than the high speed FPV drone (seen in another review).

Optimum ceiling above sea level:
Like all drones and aircraft, this drone also has a maximum altitude of flight, normally called the optimal ceiling, the AIR 2S can go as high as 5000m above sea level, comparable to other drones in the segment, just for the specialists, a Boeing 747 commercial airliner has a solution ceiling of 13.000 m over sea level.

Maximum range:
The maximum range refers to the optimum range the drone can fly from the remote controller, the AIR TWO has a maximum variety of 18.5 km, about like the Mavic 2 Pro (18km).

Capacities & weight:
The AIR 2S is an extremely light drone at only 595g as well as folded it is so little it can quickly suit your typical knapsack at 180x97x77mm, when unravelled it sizes 183x253x77mm.

Special functions:
The AIR TWO has some interesting unique features too, one of them is the type of propellers utilized. These are low-noise props, seriously decreasing the sound of the drone when flying, especially interesting when using several gadgets to develop special video clips where the drone sound can subdue the bordering sound tape-recorded by possible other tools.

Second of all the AIR TWO has an internal storage space capability of 8 GB, additionally nice to understand when you are making use of the drone to its maximum performance or when you want to continue to tape-record for a while when your sd card is complete and you require to download the documents.

Prices and packages or extras:
The market price for the AIR 2S with only 1 battery as well as typical remote controller is $999. Nevertheless every seasoned drone pilot will tell you it is constantly far better to have even more batteries as well as DJI provides the Fly-More combo (like explains over) at $1299.

Furthermore you can purchase some added gizmos like the automobile charger for $55, very practical when taking place a road trip or camping. The propeller guard costs just $16, very beneficial if you are flying in forest rich areas in order to avoid serious damages to the drone.

The prominent DJI Smart Controller will set you back $749, this can be really helpful when you do not want to utilize your mobile phone or to utilize the AIR 2S to the greatest.

Added defense for the drone can also be acquired as already discussed in the FPV evaluation:.

Secure your drone and purchase a “DJI Treatment Refresh” plan for $99 or $169 depending if you desire the 1 or 2 year choices.

Digital photography:
The brand-new camera on the AIR TWO has some really fascinating functions for photographers, at 20mp it is similar to other DJI drones. The 22mm equal lens contends a broad angle much like many other drones and the ISO variety from 100 to 3200 in automatic and also even 12800 in manual makes this a very premium quality electronic camera. Many professional photographers will certainly recognize that the limits of drones is typically the absence of excellent zoom opportunities, this has actually been partly approved in the AIR 2S by giving it the option of as much as 8x digital zoom.

As for the photography choices there are the following:

  • The conventional solitary shot feature is one of the most common for all professional photographers and gives you the option to choose your composition and also click when all set, you can either use it in auto or hands-on mode.
  • New is the Burst option, this will offer you a continuous ruptured of photos, still at 20mp high quality.
  • Car direct exposure at 20mp.
  • Timed chance ats 20mp, helpful for selfies taken with your drone for social media.
  • SmartPhoto setting in HDR or Hyperlight can be valuable in challenging light problems.
  • And finally … the option of HDR panorama shots, additionally both in automatic as well as hand-operated settings at 20mp for the very best feasible top quality.

The video camera fires in JPEG for quick shots and simple posting on social media sites or sharing with other trough smart device and so on or in RAW style with the.DNG extension for the extra experienced digital photographer. RAW offers you the chance of editing your photo more in-depth and in higher quality with picture editing and enhancing software program like Adobe Photoshop.

The most visible difference airborne 2S is the 5.4 K video possibility, initially glance this is great … nevertheless be careful that the 5.4 K alternative is just possible at lower structure prices of 24, 25 or 30fps, so for fast moving video this is not perfect.

At 4K you can select 24, 25, 30, 48,50 & 60fps, this would be better when shooting much faster relocating things like cars, watercrafts etc.

The very same structure prices are possible in 2.7 K, to be made use of when data dimension is a problem or for sharing on social media. The highest possible framework rate of 120fps can just be made use of in Full-HD (1920 × 1080 pixels).

Storage space:
Generally a drone pilot will utilize a sd card in the drone, the AIR 2S utilizes microSD cards of up to 256 GB capability, nonetheless there is likewise 8 GB of interior storage. Although this will certainly not be enough for lengthy video clip recording, it is a small additional barrier for digital photographers and also videographers.

Like all DJI drones the AIR 2S is geared up with safety and security attributes, this is ending up being ever before more vital with increasingly more drones appearing and also legislation becoming much more rigorous as well as specified. The new European regulation is the excellent example of this evolution, although drones can fly ever additionally far from the pilot in command, that doesn’t suggest it is constantly enabled to do so, and seeing the sight from the drones video camera does not imply you can see backward and also sideward.

In order to stop accidents and also damages to the drone or 3rd parties residential or commercial property or people, the AIR TWO is just like the Mavic collection equipped with 4 direction things evasion sensors (ahead, backward, upwards, down).

Furthermore there is the ever popular “return residence” switch that all DJI drones are geared up with, offering the pilot the possibility of fetching the drone promptly and also safe with the automatic item staying clear of trip back to the take-off position.

How about flying at evening as well as is the video camera with the ability of making good pictures as well as video at night? As a result of the higher ISO series of the video camera, the AIR TWO can record pictures and video clip during the night, however … you will certainly need to do a couple of testshots each time in order to discover the right balance in between ISO, activity of the drone, direct exposure, light problems and shutterspeed (for still digital photography) or framework price (for video clip).

On the other hand, the AIR 2S has some interesting features to use during the night, High Dynamic Variety (HDR) will certainly provide you the opportunity to push the camera to the limits in low light conditions as evening and golden photo and also video.

Will you need to carry out article handling of your photos and video clips? Well that relies on what exactly is your main objective. The AIR TWO absolutely turns out stunning images as well as video data, however like any other drone or cam, an expert photographer or videographer will always carry out some article processing on it. There is a reason the AIR 2S likewise generates RAW data!

If you just intend to produce some awesome web content for social media and also showing off to your close friends, then you will possibly refrain from doing much message processing. However … every business digital photographer as well as videographer understands the relevance of developing the most effective of the very best material for clients, attention and also profile web content. Wether you utilize photoshop or similar for digital photography or one of the high-end blog post handling video clip programs, the data generated by the AIR TWO are prepared to the finest quality so you can turn out the most outstanding spectacular videos and also photos with your drone.

Overall conclusion:
Exactly what is the difference in between well established drones as the Mavic Air 2 as well as this brand-new AIR 2S? The most crucial difference is the cam, the enhanced camera top quality is the main large difference, the 5.4 K video and greater ISO array, incorporated with RAW ability make this a much better electronic camera than previous collection. Moreover most of the other functions have actually been improved with added object evasion sensing units upward, enhanced four-antenna transmission system and a bigger video camera CMOS sensing unit of 1 inch.

Software program upgrades consist of MasterShots for the pro-photographers and improved HDR recording, an uniqueness is the HDR function for view shots, that makes it less complicated to take scenic view shots on automatic light settings, light always originates from just one direction and this makes it extremely hard to choose good light settings for a scenic view shot, usually consisting of in between 35 and also 40 specific photos.

The only disadvantage of the AIR 2S is that this drone is not compatible with the DJI goggles for FPV flights or the activity controller for “joystick-like” flights. However, to make up for this, it works with the high-end DJI Smart Controller.

On the whole this drone is extremely suggested as a light-weight, high quality drone to be made use of anywhere you go!

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